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Who we are

Noordenster BV is a private, family owned business venture company.
We operate as a holding and parent company through our network of companies and legal entities in different countries and continents.

We do business and invest in variety of markets and industries, mostly in agriculture, construction, international trading, outsourcing & services sector, technology startups, EdTech as well as in commodities and precious metals.

Our current business portfolios are extending up to 100 millions usd of total revenue.


Apart of our drive for a strong financial results and profitability orientation in our business portfolios we don’t neglect the importance of bringing in additional values for people, communities and society around us.

We hold that each profitable business should be an instrument that makes an impact for better today and tomorrow.

Nowadays, more than ever, people as well as businesses are globally connected.
Hence, we believe in bringing a wider and inclusive value and prosperity throughout our businesses.

Also, through our foundation we are focusing on charities and humanitarian action for people and communities in need.


We are based in the downtown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As we are geographically polycentric oriented our representative offices are distributed per regions:

  • For DACHL region in Frankfurt/ Germany;
  • For west EU region in Strasbourg/France;
  • For Nordics & Russia in Tallinn/Estonia;
  • For South-East Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • For Sub-Saharan Africa in Kigali/Rwanda;
  • For Mediterranean & Middle East in Cyprus;
  • For Asia in Singapore;
  • For North America in Delaware/US;

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