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  • Transformation in service of optimization

    The dynamics of the contemporary labor market initiate a need for constant changes and agility when it comes to company business. Changes such as this one attribute to a rising tendency that drives companies to transform their organizational structure as well as manage their business operations and HR. This claim is backed by the survey … Read more

    Human digitization

    The HR sphere too has experienced a role transformation from the support service in charge of work discipline, training and motivation to a business partner who directly affects the company’s profitability through human resources management. How is this transformation being realized and what are the new tasks that HR is taking on? If we look … Read more

    Performance Management – Navigator of a successful business

    The present situation on the market, followed by periodical oscillations continually influences business dynamics. Consequently, achieving and keeping the status of a successful and competitive company requires a periodical revision of methods and perspectives. Innovative solutions and practices are being introduced to modern businesses in order to adjust to market trends. One of the perspectives, … Read more