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    We operate as a holding and parent company through our network of companies and legal entities in different countries.

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    About us

    We do impactful business with extraordinary people, helping companies to reach their full potential and sustainable economic growth.


    Noordenster BV is a private, family-owned business venture company. We operate as a holding and parent company through our network of companies and legal entities in different countries and continents.

    Our Aspiration

    Apart from our drive for strong financial results and profit-oriented business portfolios we don’t neglect the importance of bringing in additional values for people, communities and society around us.

    We hold that each profitable business should be an instrument that makes an impact for better today and tomorrow.

    Nowadays, more than ever, people as well as businesses are globally connected. Hence, we believe in bringing a wider and inclusive value and prosperity throughout our businesses.

    Also, through our foundation we are focusing on charities and humanitarian action for people and communities in need.

    Our Portfolio

    We are proud to invest across industries in both established and growth-oriented businesses.


    Business Integrator

    Your partner for efficient business processes.

    Business Integrator provides support to organizations and institutions from the public sector, as well as government agencies, through the management of entire business processes. Our offer includes the following: Temporary and permanent employment; Human resources consulting; Labour law advisory services; Payroll services.

    We adapt to meet the Partner’s needs in order to provide the most flexible offer available in the market.


    MPS Integration

    Innovative solutions for your business processes.

    MPS Integration provides comprehensive tailor-made solutions for the efficient conduct of various business processes, as well as their improvement and optimization. One of our most in-demand services is Business Process Outsourcing. Our goal is to provide support to companies where there is a possibility of outsourcing one part of the business. The main purpose of this process is to optimize our Partner’s costs and to leave them enough time to focus on their core business.


    Manpower SEE part of the INTEGRATOR

    Innovative Workforce Solutions.

    Integrator is the franchise owner of Manpower in several countries in Southeast Europe. It consists of unique geographical cluster that employs over 200 professionals. The goal of the new cluster is to further localize and personalize support to clients and partners by creating a distinctive portfolio of services throughout the Southeast Europe region.



    Analyse. Assess. Develop.

    Assert evolves as a unique fusion of expertise and methodologies with a purpose of challenging the market by applying solutions that bring results and change your perspective related to Assessment, Development and Research impact.



    Full circle of services.

    For the recruitment and selection needs, loop leverages job posting & advertising potential to attract suitable candidates and then provides preview of best suitable candidates for the advertised position via synergy of software tool & consultants assessment.

    In addition, for the consultancy, development and assessment needs, loop offers overview of existing services on the market and enables ordering by click.


    African Business Chamber

    For good business opportunities.

    The African Business Chamber (ABC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 as a business club, and in 2021 it was assigned status of chamber that would contribute to the values of society and its economy, striving to reunite African and regional markets.

    We promote corporate social responsibility, international collaboration, investments and the uniqueness of cultures.



    A better way to rent a car.

    Vittura offers customized business car rental programs designed specifically to meet client’s transportation needs, as well as mobility and budget. We strive to make the rental process as simple and hassle-free as possible.



    Grow your health.

    Plantes sustainably grow, process and deliver healthy natural products to the food chain, along with high standards of social commitment, environmental performance, operational transparency and legal accountability.



    International Development
    Bridge Corp. is the international development arm of ManpowerGroup South East Europe. Supported by a multidisciplinary in-house expertise composed of more than 90 internally hired people, we provide tailor-made solutions combining specific international development knowledge and partnerships with global leaders in various areas: HR, Infrastructure, Governance, Environment, Human Rights.



    We create brands.

    Tree is an independent creative agency that creates brands and helps them succeed in the digital era more than 10 years. We are very professional and experienced in all areas of creativity. We insist on creating highly aesthetic, smart and simple solutions.


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    Our Locations

    We are based in the downtown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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